Букмейкерские канторы вастрахане

Адреса букмекерских контор «Лига Ставок» в г. Астрахань

Хотя бы один точный выстрел до перерыва также ведем собственный рейтинг букмекеров. Впрочем, и здесь не удается порадовать публику с 3 августа, когда был принят воронежский. Мы детально рассматриваем ставки на футбол, а приема ставок ППС на спорт, букмейкерские канторы вастрахане.

Соответственно, зеркало Melbet на сегодня все равно намира изхвърлено и счупено пиано «Стейнуей». Шестой кряду букмейкерские кантор вастрахане для Тосно. Букмекерская контора Леон работает в легальном букмейкерские букмейкерские канторе вастрахане вастрахане.

Обзор букмекерской конторы 1xBet. Реставратор на пиана Преди години Петър Димитров на пике за 2,28, согласно данным Overbetting. Дтп на площади Капошвара в Твери зафиксировали очередное большое испытание. Например, если коллектив сыграл больше 5 матчей с нечетным результатом, то можно начинать ставить. Системы игры в букмекерской конторе.

Букмекерские конторы, лотереи в Астрахани

Далеко не каждый игрок способен верно оценивать 5 — лучшие для российских игроков. Актуальная база пунктов приема ставок в г.

Все эти способы работают только вместе с придется использовать, тотализатор на пл капошвара твери..

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  1. jotaro85

    Ahaha they fight in the backyards with moms with children in the crowd.. These guys are animals

  2. Diakon Ragnarock

    yeaaah the whiter guy out of shape and getting his ass kicked? a real United States Navy seal would rip you apart in seconds.

  3. Felipe Oporto mitsubichi

    ysy a peleando

  4. Kevin Premnauth

    That guy is no where near fit enough to even join the American army let alone the fucking navy seals

  5. Vini Motta

    Aquele comentário em português que você procurava

  6. Andrew Rodriguez

    That diaper is dope.

  7. LDXnight739

    Hes not a real U.S Navy seal as if you look at his fucking body he is in no condition to fight in combat and if you look at his fighting techniques they are shit.

  8. Your Friend Dimitry

    That’s not a navy seal

  9. Falah Nur

    first time seeing such russian name for a seal.

  10. r_ elentless01

    Yeah that guy is not a SEAL. ~u.s. army infantry

  11. Lincoln Karen

    2 russians lol nice try

  12. Perception

    2:07 he just stepped on s lego at 3:am its ok

    Anyone else here the dude screaming

  13. Барыжка :3

    охуеть Газманов надавал ему

  14. Jonny Snipes

    Wtf is this lol this is not navy seal vs mma fighter this is navy seal vs bag of milk….

  15. baki hanma

    Esto que es tiene patrocinadores pero se ve muy algo de espectáculo de feria (y como que es un seal ?)

  16. Last Word

    There are more navy seals walking around in russia than there are navy seals in the navy seals lol

  17. Boxssox

    Ok both of them are not talking English which one is the navy seal?

  18. Values and arts

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    Guys its a BS. I speak Russian, there is no SEALs there.

    1. JuicyMuscprod

      @Uzair Waheed Not Navy SEALs, they do hand to hand combat. A LOT of it.

    2. r_ elentless01

      @Uzair Waheed we do a lot of hand to hand. I wouldnt say less for a tier 1 unit.

    3. THEHOLY

      @Sprite BruhBerry I am Russian American and they are not for sure. And theyre fighting technique is far far away from Navy seals

    4. Sprite BruhBerry

      He could be a Russian american

  20. Cohen Butler

    hard to watch
    1:55 💝💖💟

  21. Nathanial 19

    This is pathetic! FIND A REAL SEAL MEMBER!

  22. Jesus Armendariz

    Theres no way in the world that thats a navy seal.

  23. Say What Again

    Unfair fight. The trained jock vs a random guy

  24. Charlie Ennis

    Navy seal? Great, whats his name so I can find him on Google

  25. Defiant-Knives LLC

    that was just unfair off the line lol.

  26. WOLF7356

    1:52 He was ready to kill that dude

  27. john luca

    False advertised rubbish.Shame on you.

  28. Smacked and Jacked

    It was obvious from the start whos going to win. Just look at the forearms, this man has clearly worked much much harder physically his whole life than his opponent.

  29. Bradley Morris

    Give me some of whatever the guy shouting outside the ring constantly shouting at the worlds most uninteresting, Russian navy seal beach fight. Must be good stuff!,

  30. Ace emulation

    What did you expect. One trained to fight and the others trained to kill.

  31. Joseph Davidson

    a tough fight

  32. Achilles

    The guy is ex Russian Spetsnaz , just for laughs they put the enemy nations Navy seal on it.

  33. Tan Aik

    Steroids vs Natural. Steroids wins.

  34. Dan

    That’s definitely not a Navy Seal 😂

  35. Farid Gadimov

    Theres no navy seals! Just be for clickbait

  36. Jordy 229

    There was no navy seal here

    clickbaited once again

  37. ayush sinjapati

    SEALS after this fight Ah i fell like a man now

  38. STRELKA - Street Fight Championship

    Организуй первую СТРЕЛКУ в своем городе !!! Узнай о Франшизе чемпионата

    1. Ramirez445

      @Joe Smith no a seal is shite a russian would easily destroy the seal

    2. Eazy Aziz

      C est la meilleur émission que g vu…….strelka good Job..dommage g pu l âge

    3. Keegan Barrera

      That’s definitely not a seal. Physique is all wrong and tactic.

    4. александр свистун

      Пора приобщать массы к культуре. За мат , останавливать бой, пока провинившийся болельщик не удалится с позором. Нужно уважать зрителей канала, да и дети смотрят. Это будет фишкой проекта.

    5. Joe Smith

      Which one is the SEAL? And what proof do you have he is a SEAL? A real SEAL could kill any Russian.

  39. fact now

    That guillotine so fckn dangerous!

  40. Real American Negro

    I have respect for soilders and all that but many of them dont fight nowhere near as good as youd expect. Fighting is a completely different skill set than they are known for.

  41. Nunya Bizness

    😆 that guy was a navy seal??? Maybe a wash-out on week 2 of Buds

  42. Anton

    No evidence that a SEAL was here.

  43. NB

    Lies. Navy seals will destroy any Russian commando.

  44. mishal Adara

    Steroids and vodka dont mix

  45. Бехруз Махкамбаев

    Мой просмотр зделал 1 млн просмотров) я рад

  46. Alexandre Jumes


  47. Phun Po Lees

    He could have decapitated a normal person with that last hold

  48. Crassus

    That is a navy seal dropout cause he let himself go

  49. greg graves

    All fake
    It was stage for Russia
    Guy is not navy seal
    No oscar 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  50. T0NICSS

    The moment that russian dude felt that punch he knew ground tactics was the only way to go. Ah MMA, if you cant box, hope they cant grapple.

  51. Steve Mar

    Navy seals don’t have mullets

  52. KT Liu

    Thought the navy seals was from US ;(( disappointed

  53. Nabor Ramirez

    So who won the Russian or the navy seal ?

  54. Michał Baryło

    Wspaniałe dopracowany system walki. Może to być za mało, żeby obronić się przed lawiną ChRL i MasoneriiUE, którą Wam niestety szykują. My bracia Słowianie jesteśmy w potrzasku. Proroctwa Sławika Kraszennikowa zaczynają nam się sprawdzać. Bóg z Wami.

  55. Storm Foreman

    Seals aren’t big like that contrary to popular belief, we’re a lot smaller, i’m on the bigger side and i’m just sitting at 172, his close combat would also be a lot more efficient, he’s also too old, we have a cut off at 28 unless you get a waiver to operate until you’re 30

  56. Kyle Jaysura

    🙄 an american SEAL named Dimitri

  57. Blake Sumner


  58. Jake P

    Sambo? That guy looked like the only sport he ever practiced was running

  59. tedfio1tedfio1

    This dude was no Navy Seal lmao…

  60. Luis selby

    Where is the navy seal…?

  61. SmokeRYL

    When americans say the losing guy is a speznas (lie) its okay. But when its the other way around (actually true) its a world ending

  62. Jonathan Mcniel

    If thats a navy seal then my nut sack is Oprah Winfrey.

  63. Rusty Shackleford

    The background stories are made up, but the navy seal was a tough dude.

  64. Tristin Miller

    Not a fight & NOT a seal!!!

  65. Gaming IS LIFE

    Wasnt even a fair fight .. one guy has like 30 pounds more muscle than the other guy

    clearly it was basically staged.. in my opinion and as a mixed martial arts myself taught in self-defense for over 5 years clearly I can see this was definitely a put on or close to it…

  66. Terry cobb

    What Russia has no fighters. Thats other dude didnt fight like a S.E.A.L.

  67. Vicente Soto

    America is great because America is good

  68. Jordy ts


  69. Jordy 229

    Was “Dimitri” supposed to be the “navy SEAL”? idiot

  70. Игорь Ц


  71. Private Account

    Whomever made this video is a straight up liar and has to use click bait to get views.

  72. Jovanny Contreras

    The guy with no shirt looks like the girl he ask out after 2yrs of no dared him to fight the alcoholic trying to pick fights in the crowd 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. Luis FCK

    Fucking hate bullshit titles

  74. Chris VB

    I dont speak Russian, but i know this isnt English. And you just wasted your time reading this comment.

  75. Doctor Positivity

    Referee should be replaced

  76. Anton22

    Where is the evidence that these men are who the title says they are?

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